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Get fit, flexible and strong with our Pilates Group Mat Class. Our one hour Pilates class will
challenge you to build strength in your core, increase your range of motion and improve your
posture and flexibility. We incorporate traditional Pilates flow to strengthen your abdominals and
the muscles around your spine. We love to add props to our workout to help build balance,
challenge our core, and strengthen and stretch large muscle groups. Our Pilates class is co-ed
and supports all levels of fitness.
Poletential Fitness Pole Dance Aerial
Poletential Pole and Aerial Fitness and Dance
Pilates Group Mat Class - DAY/TIME TBD
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
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Adult Ballet
This class will teach you the fundamentals of ballet technique, strengthening your core and legs
while improving flexibility. Emphasis will be placed on beautiful posture, toe point, graceful arms,
and fluidity of movement. Ballet technique will improve your posture, grace, and lengthen your
lines. Clients with no experience in ballet are welcomed to this class, as well as former ballet
dancers who are looking for a gentle reintroduction
Rock Hard Bodies
This high intensity interval training workout will challenge you in a whole new way! Be prepared to
work your muscles and your heart while increasing strength, power, and agility, all skills which will
translate to pole and aerial. This class is a workout guaranteed to make you sore and sculpt your
body! Please wear gym clothes and shoes (studio tennis shoes only. no outdoor shoes on the
studio floor.).
Choreo Cardio Dance - DAY/TIME TBD
You will learn a choreographed dance routine (don’t worry, you can start anytime). We change it up
(see the web calendar for the current dance style). We love first timers and NO dance experience
is necessary. We will play with all kinds of dance style including burlesque, cabaret, jazz,
contemporary, hip hop and more. This is the perfect class to make you sweat, add to your current
workout routine and/or compliment your pole/aerial.  
(This class does not use pole or aerial apparatus, but may use props!)