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pole dance, fitness, pilates, aerial, fabrick, hammock, sling
pole dance, fitness, pilates, aerial, fabrick, hammock, sling
Poletential Fitness Dance Aerial Pole

Bring a community
together in a safe, fun,
supportive environment
that is physically
challenging, open to
showing self-
expression, and
dedicated to being
empowered and having
a great time.

Poletential’s vision is to
create a place where
people feel comfortable
to trying a new form of
exercise and self-
expression. Poletential
brings a community
together to experience
a challenging workout
along with new body
awareness through
dance and movement.
The environment is
safe and non-
competitive, giving
each person the
freedom to find their
own style and reach
their personal goals.
The result is incredibly
satisfied people who
feel physically fit,
challenged and part of
a community who
values expression and

Christina Kish (Owner/Instructor) started twirling and never wants to stop. She is
passionate about coaching others to meet their fitness and life goals. She wants
Poletential to be a community full of great people who gain confidence, support and
empowerment from each other to live their best lives. Christina is a certified Pilates
instructor and has experience coaching sports teams. Christina spent 15 years in
high-tech marketing and was a co-founder of NetFlix. She has a B.S. in Business
Administration and an M.B.A.
She recently won her first competition, Pacific Pole
Championship 2014 Level 2, Drama, Masters.

Amber Richard has been dancing since the age of 5 and has never stopped! Her first
love is classical ballet in which she was trained following the Royal Academy of
Dance method and competed throughout high school. She pursued her love of dance
through college, graduating from theUniversity of California, Irvine with a BA in Dance
and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of
Southern California. After discovering pole dancing in 2008, Amber was immediately
hooked! She loves teaching and enjoys the mix of artistic expression, confidence
boost, and fitness workout that pole dancing provides. Amber was the 2009 West
Coast Champion of the U.S. Pole Dance Federation, Pole Artist of the Year in the
2010 American Pole Fitness Association Championship, Veteran of the Year 2012 for
Girl Next Door - A Pole Dance Soiree, winner of Best Lyrical Performance in 2012, and
Best Group Performance 2012. She is known for her elegant, balletic style which
emphasizes extensions, grace, and fluidity. Amber is sponsored by Mika Yoga Wear
and is a principal cast member of Girl Next Door - A Pole Dance Soiree, and Hide &
Seek - A Pole Dance Speakeasy, pole and aerial dance theater productions in Los
Angeles, CA.

pole dance, fitness, pilates, aerial, fabrick, hammock, sling
pole dance, fitness, pilates, aerial, fabrick, hammock, sling
Poletential is
dedicated to
bringing the
best in Pole
Fitness instruction
Dancing to the
Poletential Studio.
We are proud to
welcome many
talented guest

Jessica Campbell
has been a professional dancer and choreographer since 2000.  
From performing in an acrobatic modern dance company, Eva Dean Dance in New
York to hip hop Burger King commercials in L.A., from Argentine Tango to Classical
Ballet , Jessica has a wide range of skill and expertise.  With a degree in dance, a
yoga certification, and a specialization in writing dance curriculum for K-5th grade,
Jessica was looking for something to balance her dance career and frankly make it
more fun.  Poletential became an obvious haven in 2010 and Jessica has been
loving being part of the team ever since.  You may have seen her whimsical sexy style
in the flight attendants of every Airshow performance, if not, better not miss the next
pole dance, fitness, pilates, aerial, fabrick, hammock, sling

Arielle Rabier is passionate about the freedom of self expression through
performance art. She began dancing at age six and has studied ballet, jazz, hip hop,
San Francisco Circus Center and became a performer in 2010. She has eighteen
years of performance experience, including performances at the Ton of Sand festival,
The Cellspace and as a guest aerialist at Ayako's School of Ballet. Arielle has taught
ballet, gymnastics and the fluid interpretation of hula hoop dancing; she enjoys giving
others the tools to express themselves through performance art as well.

Arielle is a yogi, dancer, aerialist, hula-hoop dancer and performer. Her mission to
inspire full self-expression invites students to be in wonder about their body and
explore beyond perceived limitations. Her classes promote flexibility, strength and
fun with flowing vinyasas, focus on alignment and continuous mindfulness. Arielle
began her yoga journey in 2008 was certified by Eoin Finn in Blissology Yoga in 2013.

"The first thing I do when I arrive at Poletential is drop down all the silks & hammocks
of differing heights and all my eyes see is possibility. Aerial offers the opportunity to
create and choreograph with endless avenues for self expression, where nothing is
wrong and everything is possible.

I love the excitement on my student's faces when they conquer a skill they've been
working so hard to achieve; it's that "ah-ha" orgasmic feeling that drives them back to
learn more and more!"
pole dance, fitness, pilates, aerial, fabrick, hammock, sling
Poletential Pole and Aerial Fitness and Dance
Jen Alvarado also known as Jem is a passionate yogi, hoop dancer, aerialist, and
celebrated performer. A Yoga Alliance certified teacher under the tutelage of
Rusty Wells, she has been teaching physical education, yoga, hoop dance and
aerial silks throughout the BayArea and beyond for over twelve years. Jen
encourages her students to find freedom, creative self expression, meditation, and
breath. When Jen is not practicing yoga in San Francisco, teaching somewhere in
the Bay Area, or dancing with the community, you can find her spinning fire or flying
from her aerial fabric. Jem has performed at many prestigious venues including
Sand by the Ton, CellSpace, Monte Rio Music Festival, The Crucible, Deep Green
Festival, Hoop Camp 2011, Temple of Poi Fire Expo, Sonoma Valley Equestrian
Park, and many others. She has also graced the stages of Dark Star Orchestra
and Groundation. See her videos at www.youtube.com/user/jemsdestiny

About Allison Hudson...
I have been an athlete all my life and for as long as I can remember I have been
passionate about health, wellness and fitness. I grew up competing in all kinds of
sports including swimming, golfing, soccer, gymnastics and cheerleading. As an
adult, I enjoy yoga, snowskiing, spinning, pilates, Zumba, running, weight training,
and pole fitness. I began pole fitness in 2010 when my personal trainer shared
with me that she takes pole dancing to stay in shape. She convinced me to give it
a try. I signed up for my first pole class with doubts and misconceptions, but after
my first class... I was hooked. Pole fitness provides a workout environment unlike
alternative exercise regimens. What I love about pole fitness is that it combines
my love for music with feminine sensuality, strength, dance and flexibility all while
achieving a higher level of athleticism. In addition, pole fitness provides me a safe
environment to freely express my individual sensuality, to be more confident with
my body, to push myself to learn new tricks and achieve things I never thought
possible all while having fun and getting into better shape. Now two years after
discovering pole, I am honored to share my love and passion for pole fitness with
the students at Poletential.

Michelle Cheng grew up climbing every doorframe in her house and hanging
upside down at the playground every day.  She got her first taste of trapeze at
Club Med trying flying trapeze.  She was immediately addicted to the aerial “high”
and started receiving extensive instruction on all kinds of aerial apparatus. Since
2000, she has focused primarily trapeze.  She has received hundreds of hours of
instruction from Cirque de Demain Gold Medalists Elena Panova and Helene
Turcotte.  Her love of trapeze stems from the combination of its beauty as an art
form and the vigorous physical challenges to the body.  

Michelle is a children’s rights attorney and juvenile mediator.  She received her
undergraduate degree from U.C. Berkeley and her J.D. from NYU School of Law.  
She has trained attorneys and child advocates nationwide, been lead council on
child welfare class actions in several states, and teaches mediation skills and
conflict resolution in San Mateo County.  She has been teaching adults and
children for over 22 years, and considers teaching the most rewarding aspect of
every job she has held.  Michelle believes that trapeze and other aerial arts are
an incredibly fun way to build strength of body, mind and self-esteem.  She is
thrilled to share her love of trapeze with people already in love with aerial arts
and those that will surely fall in love.

About Megan Lanfri...
Always having been an extremely energetic child, I started up gymnastics as soon
as I could jump. When I decided that wasn't enough, at age 8, I transferred my
gymnastics skills over to Equestrian Vaulting, which is gymnastics and dance on
the back of a moving horse. I cross-trained daily with gymnastics, kick-boxing,
yoga, personal trainers, and even trained on the diving team for a year in high
school. I competed nationally year round for 11 years and at age 14, I started
competing internationally for the U.S.A. and spent most summers training
abroad. I retired from vaulting in 2009 to earn my Bachelor's in Communication
Studies from Chapman University, then went on to work in the L.A. Advertising
industry for a year, but I felt a huge part of me was missing without being an
athlete. I moved back to the Bay, started coaching vaulting, and started the hunt
for a new passion, lo and behold, I found Poletential! I started with a few silks
classes, and when I finally rallied up the courage to try pole, I became so
obsessed that I haven't been able to pull myself away to try much else since. I
love helping people gain confidence in themselves and tackle challenges,
whether it be new moves on the pole, or daily in life. I want to be able to share this
unique passion with everyone I know and meet, while I continue to expand my
own personal skills along the way.

Janelle (Dinosaurs) Peters has a long history of moving around and climbing
things. She started out at age nine as a martial artist, added dance and yoga
during high school and was thrilled to discover aerial arts shortly after graduating
from college. Janelle works on hammock, silks, rope, and trapeze and has
recently begun to foray into contortion and straps. She trains in SF, Oakland and
Redwood City and has completed a 6 month apprenticeship with Paper Doll
Militia, an aerial theater company based in Atlanta, GA and Edinburgh, UK.

Samee Nann is a Philadelphia native, with a Musical Theater degree from Point
Park University. Still Life with Iris, Hair, Anything Goes, Marat /Sade, and Caligula
are just some of her college credits. Docherty Talent and Modeling Agency
credited Samee in such films as Pain Within and Graduation as well as being
featured in commercials, runways, industrials, promotions, pod casts, web
series and student films. While studying Samee kept busy with east coast
christmas tours and theme parks including Busch Gardens. Upon graduating
Samee starred as the live performer for the national and
international tours of
Sesame Street. Since falling in love with travel she has become a guest singer,
dancer and aerialist entertainer to cruise the world with Norwegian Cruise Lines!
Most recently while performing on the Vegas strip in Tony and Tinas Wedding
she had the honor of working along side Fawnia Dietrich, the worlds first pole
dancing instructor at her fabulous Pole Fitness Studio! After moving to San
Francisco to be with her new hubby she is so excited to be apart of such an
amazingly creative studio and its extremely talented family!
Stacy Young started competitive gymnastics at age 5 and competed nationally
with Airborne Gymnastics. Competed nationally in synchronized swimming with
the Santa Clara Aquamaids under 1996 Gold Medalist Heather Carrasco and
2000 Olympian Kim Wurzel.  Began aerial training at UCLA, and later studied
aerial silks under Shayna Swanson, aerial straps under Andrew Adams, and
acrobatics and hand-balancing with Nourbol Meirmanov. She has performed in
Aloft’s El Circo Cheapo and taught Aerial and Tumbling at MSA & Circus Arts
and Aloft Loft in Chicago. Performed Duo Aerial Straps, Bungee, Lyra, double-
point harness and original apparatus with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s
Splendour of the Seas in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.
Ariel Tal started competitive gymnastics at age 5. Trained under Dave
Burgering, president of USA diving, while competing nationally with
Tambourine 4H Vaulters. Began training aerial silks at UCLA, and later under
Shayna Swanson and straps under Andrew Adams. He has performed in Aloft’
s El Circo Cheapo and has taught Aerial Silks and Tumbling at The Actors
Gymnasium, MSA and Aloft Loft in Chicago.  Performed Duo Aerial Straps,
Bungee, double-point harness and original apparatus with Royal Caribbean
Cruise Line’s Splendour of the Seas in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

Tiffany Rose was a competitive Speed and Synchronized Swimmer by age 4.
She was on the U.S. National Team in 1999 and 2000 for Synchronized
Swimming and traveled the world competing and representing the U.S. She
was also an All-American Speed Swimmer and received a Congressional
Appointment to West Point.

After retiring from swimming she received a degree from San Jose State
University and got her Personal Training certifications from the National
Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council of Exercise. She is
also certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist through NASM and has
continued her exercise education in Lifestyle and Weight Management, Pre
and Post Menopausal and Pre and Post Natal fitness.

She has competed in 2 NPC Figure Competitions in 2007 and 2008.  In
2012, Tiffany became the Level 2 Pacific Pole Dance Champion and was the
Silver Medalist in the Las Vegas International Pole Dance Classic. In 2013
she ranked 7th in the country for Competitive Fitness Pole Dancing. Tiffany
Rose recently moved into the Pro Category for Competitive Pole Dance and is
currently teaching, training, and performing around the country.

In her spare time, Tiffany is a volunteer for Hospice and enjoys dance,
marksmanship and anything involving music.

Erica Rideau
has been teaching yoga since the fall of 2011 after completing
her Yoga Teacher Training from the It's Yoga training system in Ashtanga
Vinyasa as taught by Sri K. Pattabi Jois.  Erica's very first introduction to Yoga
was in the home watching her father practice on the living room floor.  Many
moons later, In 2006 Erica graduated from the National Holistic institute
receiving her Professional Massage Therapy and Health Educator
Certification.  While working as a bodyworker she rediscovered the practice
of yoga and found an organic harmonious relationship between massage
therapy and yoga.  Erica found yoga to be the perfect tool for self massage.  A
beautiful way of healing the Self, spiritual and physical when your massage
therapist is not on hand.  It's Important to Erica that when you come to one of
her yoga classes you have an experience, leaving more peaceful, more
grounded, and more happy than before coming to Yoga.  Erica also has
practice and experience in Acroyoga, cross fit, certified Prenatal Vinyasa
Yoga, and a Birth Doula.

Seanmichael Rau
received his degree in Digital Imaging from the
University of California at Santa Cruz.  During the workweek you can find
him teaching and training in the natural foods industry.  Seanmichael was
the 2014 Professional Division Bronze Medalist at the Pacific Pole
Championships and the 2013 Amateur Division Silver Medalist at the
Pacific Pole Championships.  He is a resident artist at Supperclub and has
made guest appearances in shows all over the Bay Area.  He has a
passion for discovering the possibilities of the human body and its ability to
tell stories through movement. There is a special relationship between
dancer and apparatus that he loves to explore. Creating community and
sharing knowledge bring him endless joy and he hopes to bring fun,
confidence, and flight to all of his students.

Kimmy Barnes
started gymnastics at the age of 3, after she'd earned the
nickname "our little monkey" because her feet were rarely on the ground,
and was in love after the very first rope climb.  Although gynmastics was
her first love, she came from a very active family who pursued all activites
and would change sports with the season, there was never an "off"
season for the Barnes'.  In high school she played 4 years of 3 Varsity
Sports (Tennis, Basketball and Track and Field) and performed in 4 high
school musicals.  She continued onto DeAnza College where she played
Tennis and Basketball, and earned a Tennis scholarship to San
Francisco State University where she earned her BS in Apparel Design
and Merchandising in 2006.  Upon graduation she moved to New York City
where she had her first Pole Dancing experience for her 25th birthday
party and was ADDICTED!  Soon after her return she found Poletential and
the "little monkey" came out again!  Since starting at Poletential she has
competed in two competitions and plans on entering many more in the
future!  She is so grateful to be a part of the Poletential team and loves
watching others try aerial arts for the first time and fall in love with it just
like she did.