Get Ready to Twirl, Dance and Fly Your Way to Fitness
    What is Pole Fitness? Pole Fitness is an exciting way to get a challenging work out while expressing
    yourself  through dance and movement. We focus on building strength by teaching you tricks on the pole
    which require upper body and core strength. We give you a chance to get in touch with your mind and body
    through dance.  We have classes that will fit everyone's goals. Watch's addicting!

    What is Aerial Arts? Aerial is a combination of strength and play! We offer classes in Aerial Fabric/Silks,
    Aerial Rope, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Straps, Static and Dance Trapeze. These are great workouts for those
    who want to have FUN building strength!

    Just for Adults? No, we LOVE kids. Our "high aerial" arts classes which include silks, rope and straps
    accommodate ages 12+. Our hammock classes, parties and privates are for ages 6+.
    Our classes are Drop-In unless otherwise stated on our Calendar.

    Start Twirling with Us!
    Here are easy ways to start your Pole Fitness addiction:

    Have a Party!   Gather your girlfriends, family, co-workers etc. Perfect for a girls' night,
    birthday, bachelorette party or just an excuse to dance.

    Start Up Pole   This is a great class to start learning the basics of pole technique and
    dance. It is a great work out, so there is no limit as to how many times you can take
    this class.

    Or..Drop-In and Twirl with Us! Our weekly Drop-In Classes. Join us Anytime!

                                                   Come Fly with Us!
    Poletential's Aerial Studio is just the place to learn Aerial and have a great work out.
    All Aerial Classes are co-ed for ages 12+. Privates available for kids under 12.

    Have a Party! Gather your friends and "hang out" with us on our luscious aerial
    hammocks. This is a great work-out made for everyBODY's mind, body and soul.

    Drop-In to our Aerial Interlude (Hammock) Class. This class requires no prior
    experience and all fitness levels are welcome.

    Aerial Start Up is for those just starting their aerial practice. It is great for first timers
    who have a regular work-out routine and those still working on their fundamentals.

    Aerial High is a 1.5 hour Aerial Skills class for fitness, flight and fun! Check our
    calendar for dates. This is great for those of you who have a regular fitness routine.
    This class is a great way to cross-train or put those strong muscles to use in a way
    that is a blast!

    Aerial Straps is about strength and control. Great for training!

    Static Trapeze is full of dazzling poses, spins, tricks and balances. Great fun for men
    and women!
                                           Dance Trapeze is true aerial dance from ground to air! Anyone can learn this
                                           creative and fun apparatus!

    Unlimited Conditioning Classes!
          A great way to compliment your other work outs, your aerial and pole and your life!
    Pilates Group Mat Get fit, flexible and strong. Pilates will challenge you to build
    strength in your core, increase your range of motion and improve your posture and
    flexibility.  Our Pilates class is co-ed and supports all levels of fitness.

    Adult Ballet This class will teach you the fundamentals of ballet technique,
    strengthening your core and legs while improving flexibility. Emphasis will be placed
    on beautiful posture, toe point, graceful arms, and fluidity of movement. Ballet
    technique will improve your posture, grace, and lengthen your lines. Clients with no
    experience in ballet are welcomed to this class, as well as former ballet dancers who
    are looking for a gentle reintroduction

    Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
    This is an all level class that will focus on relaxing through the balance, strength and
    control of your bodya. This clas is good for every body even if you are not currently
    taking classes at Poletential. In addition, flexibility is importatnt to our art, but also to
    every day tasks, muscle recovery and gernar well being. For all levels.
Poletential Pole and Aerial Fitness and Dance
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pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
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pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
pole dance, fitness and aerial art at Poletential
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
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Poletential Pole and Aerial Fitness and Dance
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We love a party! We can customize a private group with kids,
adults, corporate name it! It is about fun and
challenge, laughing and experiencing something new!
Contact us at for more information

Kids and Adults Aerial Hammock

Women's Any Occasion Pole Fitness
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NEW Sky Dancer Pass
Effective February 1, 2014

Poletential charges an annual $60 Registration and Insurance Fee for
all students participating in our classes/workshops/lessons which
include instruction on Aerial Fabric, Aerial Straps and Aerial Rope*.  
This fee covers our high aerial safety program, rigging maintenance
as well as liability and accident insurance costs.

The registration fee is payable upon the attendance of your second
class visit, Open Studio, or private session or semi-private in a 12
month period

“Sky Dance” students receive 12 free Open Studio visits per year (A
$120 Value)
*Apparatus included as of 2/1/2014. Subject to Change.

NEW UNLIMITED Conditioning Classes
$10 Drop-In
$25 3-Classes
$40 Unlimited

Adult Ballet
Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
Pilates Group Mat
Start Anytime. Your monthly fee is based on the day you
purchase (every 30 days). Drop-In and 3-Class packs
need to be used within 30 days of purchase.
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AMs Just Got Hotter
Two Great Morning Classes!
Try them now and SAVE!

AM Pole
Mon/Weds 10:00am

AM Aerial Dance
Weds/Fri 10:00am
(Starts 7/16)

New to Poletential? It's time to TWIRL. Save $10 on your first pole
or aerial dance AM class at Poletential. Show us this email when
you come in to take your first class to receive the offer. And, even
more savings if you purchase a 5-class pack or 10-class pack!

Drop-In Reg Price $35, Your Discount $25
5-Class Pack Reg Price $170, Your Discount $150
10-Class Pack Reg Price $300, Your Discount $270

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Friday Foreplay!
6:30 - 8:00pm
$25 Drop In

Check the Calendar for Dates!

Let's get ready for a Friday night of FUN! It all starts at
Poletential! Consider this the pre-party action. Drop-in to
the Friday night themed class that welcomes everyone!
The theme will be noted on the web calendar along with
what to bring!

UPCOMING Friday Foreplays

7/18 - We are doing a sassy pole and floor dance! It's a bit
rocker chick which will boost your confidence and make
you ready to hit the clubs!

8/8 - So SEXY! Get ready to dance to the quintessential
pole dance song "Glory Box". We will work the wall, floor
and pole to get us in the mood to walk out the door and
into our weekend with a lotta SEXY.
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index pole
"No Diggity"
Special Burlesque Dance with
"Kiki Savauge"
Friday, August 15
7:00 - 9:00pm , $30

A bit of dance and a sexy peel! That's what will be in this
"No Diggity" routine! This is Burlesque Baby! No
experience required and we love first timers. Caitlin will
teach you the art of the tease and peel. Bring layers
including a coat/jacket, a cover up for a cute little outfit
and a pair of gloves! Heels are optional, but encouraged
(we have some if you don't). You will learn the dance and
then have a chance to practice and video it (bring your

Caitlin Savage (Stage name Kiki Savauge) has an MFA in
Dance Choreography and Performance from Mills College
and has been studying dance since the age of 8. Caitlin
started teaching dance and movement over 10 years ago
and has been teaching fitness for 3 years. Caitlin is
certified to teach Pilates through Balance Body. Caitlin
has performed locally with Kristin Torok Dance, Red Hots
Burlesque, Bubbles on Fire Burlesque, Sheldon Smith and
Sonya Delwaide, and nationally/internationally with
Staibdance. photo credit: Varun Puri
2682 Middlefield Road, Units N & O, Redwood City, CA 94063     (650)274-4640